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April 20th 4:20 sale

Cadence Watch Company Celebrates April 20 with a special 4/20 Sweepstakes and Sale.

4:20 watch for April 20

April 20 (4/20) has become a nationally recognized day for marijuana culture. Cadence Watch Company has created a line of 4:20 watches that celebrate the culture subtly but with style. This April 20th we’re having a special Sweepstakes and Sale, with drawings on April 20 and the following week. Enter your email below to receive a special offer for 60% off any watch in the 4:20 line, plus the chance to win the watch of your choice.

You will receive an email in a moment with the coupon code and drawing confirmation. See our privacy policy.

About the 4:20 line

Our 4:20 line features classy watches that are obvious to savvy individuals but don’t arise suspicion from anyone not friendly to the culture. (They just think it looks like a cool watch.) The 4:20 line is as diverse as our customers, with watches ranging from the minimalist 4:20 classic to the gorgeous 4:20 Chrono for those who want more features from their watch. April 20 is 4:20 productThe most important time of day is subtly denoted at the 4 o’clock (twenty past the hour) mark. The Ecomatic 4:20 features a green cotton strap for added "green-ness". The high-end 4:20 Chronograph takes the subtlety a step further, substituting the 4:20 numerals with a luminescent green mark.

Celebrating 4:20 culture doesn’t have to mean over-the-top T-shirts covered in pictures of paraphernalia or pot leaves, it can be classy and stylish. You would be hard pressed to find a stoner not stoked by this line, and a 4:20 watch makes the perfect (non-tacky) gift for anyone hip but stylish. And hey, we all know that friend who is always a little too spaced out to make it anywhere on time — cool watches like these could help the space cadet [10 be a little more punctual!

4:20 Steel Watch4:20 classic4:20 watch for April 204:20 watch green cotton strap4:20 Chrono

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