Great design doesn't have to cost a fortune

At Cadence we design and make unique watches that won't empty your wallet. How do we offer them at such affordable prices? Simple — we cut out the middleman. Cadence watches are made by us, designed by us, and sold by us exclusively on our website. This lets us offer you an amazing design at a great price.

We designed this watch to stand out. Our design won the Philadelphia Geek Award and accolades from reviewers. Hot Hardware said, "The Cadence 4-bit is a cool piece of personal gear that's certain to up your geek-cred. I know I'll be wearing this puppy the next time I'm off to a tech event."

The beauty of Cadence watches comes from more than just their uniqueness. The minimalist yet bold design of the 4-bit chrono watch means that even those who do not understand binary will be impressed. Our watches get you noticed with their crisp, unique design and colors. A similar watch from Fossil will set you back $120, and will lack features such as Japanese movement that our watches are known for. Our 4-bit chrono watch is half the price, at only $59.99. Cadence watches are about standing out with a unique, fashionable watch that fits your budget.

That's why we refuse to use a middleman to sell our watches. We want you to be able to use and enjoy our products without breaking the bank and lining the pockets of the retailers and middlemen like our competitors. We also reduce waste by only offering our watches by pre-order, so that we match demand without wasting resources and money. This lets you pay for the watch, and not for the overhead.

What time is it? Time to pre-order this watch. Sign up below and take advantage of our unique design at 70% off. $200 $59.99

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