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Cadence Watch Co.—the company who brought you the reddit watch, 4:20 watch, 4-Bit watch, and math-themed Radian watch—gives you a new way to express your (dis)beliefs stylishly: Atheist Watches, in Atomic and Atheist A designs.

Atheist Watch AAAtheist Watch AAI

It's okay for Christians to wear crosses, Muslims to wear burkas, and followers of Judaism to wear yarmulkas, but free-thinking people are made to feel reluctant to proclaim their disbelief. Sometimes we think it's ridiculous that it's even a question, but sometimes we want to proclaim it. These two designs incorporate atheist symbol designs into a jewelry-grade stainless steel case with a high-quality Japanese-made Miyota quartz movement. Great looking watches with a great message.

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Atheist Watch AAIAtomic Atheist Watch AA