Cadence’s 4-bit Binary Watch

Cadence’s selection of 4-bit binary wrist watches.

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For those of you who love watches, you will be familiar with Cadence’s selection of 4-bit binary wrist watches. Binary watches are unique because they use binary code instead of numbers. In this particular watch, the hours are designed to illuminate, which sets it apart from other watches on the market. There are, however, several design flaws that make this model of watch a questionable purchase.

Notable features

Cadence did not cut any corners when designing the look of this watch. This watch features a thick leather strap that includes white stitching to complement its white face and make it stand out. The stainless-steel buckle is durable and brushed for a stylish look. Self-proclaimed watch geeks take delight in the watch for its distinctive technical features. Those who love nerdy things will appreciate this addition to their collection.

This watch’s face is an average size, making it very easy to read. With a water resistance of 3 ATM, this watch is perfect for those with an active lifestyle. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about winding this watch because it uses batteries. This watch is certainly a conversation starter. Most people gravitate to it due to its simplicity.

Performance overview

Although it appears attractive, this watch leaves much to be desired in terms of performance. Many people who have tried the watch feel the absence of a calendar display in its design is a missed opportunity in terms of functionality. Furthermore, it is evident the company did not test the watch in the dark. Although the hour numbers on the dial are luminescent and easy to read, the minutes and hour hands do not have luminescence. There is a small luminescent dot on the second hand, but it is largely irrelevant since the other components do not illuminate. That was a major oversight by Cadence. Overall, as long as you don’t frequently work in an unlit environment, this watch would be a good choice for daily wear. With regard to functionality and price point, there are better options out there.

Where can it be purchased?

Cadence no longer produces its 4-bit binary watches. Nonetheless, you might find one for sale on a secondary market like eBay or in a watch collectors’ group. In spite of this piece’s subpar performance, a watch collector can still find value in having this piece in their collection.