Cadence Chrono 4-bit

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Known for its collection of binary watches, Cadence has something for everyone. Technology nerds are drawn to Cadence’s 4-bit Chronograph watch because it uses 4-bit binary code instead of numbers. Together, the design of the face and the black genuine leather band make the watch a unique and sophisticated addition to any collection. The 4-bit Chronograph’s hands are luminescent, and it is water-resistant to a reasonable degree. Since it is so versatile, you can wear it on almost any occasion.

Chronograph watches can be quite expensive due to all the features they offer. Cadence’s 4-bit Chronograph watch, on the other hand, is at the low end of the price range. The watch first launched several years ago at a price of just under $200. Because of the small target audience, it’s rare to find a chronograph watch that utilizes binary numbers. Despite that, many people appreciate the intriguing design of this piece.

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