Binary Watches

Where to Buy a Binary Watch?

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Binary LED Watches

The LED light dots do not look like a watch or clock at all. It uses the binary format to give you the time. The binary format uses ones and zeros to display information. This sophisticated data will make you seem brainy to those around you. The dots of the watch each stand for a number. Once you understand binary code, it is simple to read. Memorize the number that each dot represents and you will be able to tell what time it is with just a quick glance at your wrist.

How to Read a Binary Watch?

Understanding the formula is easier than you might think. All watches use dots to represent the hour and the minutes. The dots will be lined up in either vertical or horizontal lines. If the lines are horizontal, the hour will have representative dots on the top line and minute dots on the bottom line. If the dots are vertical, the first row of dots will represent the hour and the second row will represent the minutes.

The first row of dots might represent 8, 4, 2, and 1. The second row might represent 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and 1. You simply add the glowing dots together in each row to read the time. For instance, if the dot for 8 is lit up and the dot for 2 is lit up on the top row, you add these two together. The hour is 10. Then, add the dots together that are glowing in the second row. If 16 and 2 are lit up, the minute is 18. By adding the dots together, you know that the time is 10:18.

Binary watches can come in more complicated sequences if you desire something a little more in-depth. Some binary watches have a third row to represent the seconds.

Many binary watches will display the numbers beside the dots to aid you in decoding the time. More complicated combinations of numbers and dots are available if you want something a little more challenging to memorize.

For further instructions, you should read the owner’s manual that comes with the watch. With a little practice, your brain will be able to quickly decipher the time with no trouble.

Binary Watch Options

There are so many options when choosing a binary watch. You can choose a fabric wristband or something a little more elegant like a leather wristband. Binary watches can be waterproof. A tough rubber wristband can be chosen or a scratchproof screen. You can choose the binary watch that will serve you best.

Binary watches come in designs that look professional for those who wear suits to work. Some forms of this watch can now be considered luxury binary watches. A dainty binary watch can be chosen if you need to match your watch to your dress suit. For a sporty day at the park, you might choose to wear a water-resistant binary watch with a rubber wristband. If you want a watch that looks a little more expensive, you can choose a band that is stainless steel. This wristband looks like a more traditional wristwatch with a metal chain-link look.

Whatever style of band you desire, it can be found in the binary watch realm. Gone are the days when this unique watch was meant for computer geeks and brainy individuals. Binary watches come in all shapes and sizes to please the palate of those who desire an utterly unique watch.

Where to Buy a Binary Watch?

A quick search on the web will bring up many listings of traditional binary watches for sale.

Etsy has a plethora of binary watches to choose from. These watches are handcrafted for an extra unique touch. Check Etsy for binary watches that can be engraved or customized. For those who are conscious about conservation, you can find binary watches that are housed in bamboo or upcycled products. If you are looking for a unique gift, Etsy can help you further customize an already unique watch. Etsy can also provide ideas for luxury-looking binary watches. Sporty binary watches in all varieties can be found on Etsy.

getDigital Binary Watch for Professionals

Amazon offers a binary watch by getDigital. This watch with LED lights will be the perfect tool to tell you the time.

getDigital Binary Wrist Watch

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Digital Clock that Depicts the Time as Binary Code

The One Casual Binary Watch

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The One 4Bit Casual Watch is a high-quality watch that displays time in binary.


Telling time is fundamental to the basis of our society. We all have busy schedules that demand we be on time. Being able to keep a schedule and accurately telling time tells something about a person. Being responsible and on time is so important. After all, time is money. Clocks and watches tell us when to leave. These devices that properly tell the time get us to our destinations on time. These devices keep us within boundaries that make our days more efficient and more successful. Wearing a watch is the fastest and easiest way to make sure that you know the time.

Be known as someone who manages their time wisely by wearing a watch. Choose a watch that makes a statement. If you want to have a watch that makes you look smart, you should choose a binary watch.