Is Movado a good watch?

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Is Movado a good watch?

Are Movado watches good? Movado Watches Review.

Do you want to buy a Movado watch? We don’t blame you! Watches made by Movado are stylish and of good quality. Hence, they make an excellent addition to a watch collection. In addition, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Whether you are looking for something dressy or casual, you will find it in their line of products.

Movado has a long history of making Swiss watches. Their business is operating to this day. They have maintained a favorable reputation among watch collectors for hundreds of years.

The smallest Movado watch has a dial size of 28mm. It seems like watches are getting increasingly larger these days. Therefore, it’s refreshing to see a stylish, smaller watch on the market.

Known for innovation

Despite new technologies, many watch brands still take a traditional approach to watchmaking. However, Movado is different. One of their most popular watches is a smartwatch. This is an oddity for such a high-end brand, but it sets it apart in innovation. 

Most smartwatches are designed for athletes and those with active lifestyles. On the other hand, Movado Connect combines the same functionality with visual appeal. Owners can receive notifications and reply to text messages from the watch. Additionally, the timepiece has a simple yet classy design. 

The Movado Connect watch costs more than smartwatches made by Samsung and Apple. It might make you wonder if the price is worth it. The answer depends on your lifestyle and how important design is to you. If you want a classier smartwatch, then the additional money is worth it.

Best watches made by Movado

There is no doubt that Movado’s Series 800 is one of the most popular watches the company has ever made. It is often compared to the Rolex Submariner, although this watch is much more affordable compared to the Rolex. The watch is a dive watch, which means You can use it for all of your favorite water sports. Moreover, it is water-resistant up to 200 meters, making it suitable for diving.

Its intricate design makes the Series 800 stand out from the crowd. It has a black face and white numbers, making it easy to read. Overall, this is an excellent watch that You can wear every day.

Movado’s Museum Watch was a great addition to its collection. It has a highly sleek appearance that appeals to simplistic designs. It has a solid black face with a gold dot at noon. The glimmer effect created by this is stunning in the sunlight.

You will notice this watch has no hour markers. Apart from the hands, it has no identifying markings. Some watch collectors think the watch is too plain considering its price. However, others are inclined to splurge on it because of its unique design. A close watch would be the Bulova Dress Watch.

People who own this watch describe it as classy. Many note how much they appreciate the adjustable band.

There aren’t many watches that look alike for both men and women. The Museum is an exception, though. The men’s watch’s design elements are present in the women’s version, except that the dial is smaller. With a 28mm display, the women’s version makes for an ideal watch for small wrist sizes. 

The Museum Sport is very similar to the original model. It has a black dial with luminescent hands. Similarly, it is powered by a very reliable Swizz quartz movement. It is different in that it has hour markers, making it easier to read. The Museum Sport is pretty large in size. Its case diameter measures 42mm.

1881 Automatic

Several years have passed since the 1881 Automatic model was introduced. This watch is impressive! It is a three-hand watch with basic functionality. However, it features a date display and has hour markers. With 1881 Automatic, you’ll benefit from a Swiss movement.

In terms of size, this watch measures 39.5mm in diameter, smaller than some of the previous models. The 1881 Automatic is a good option if you don’t like bulky watches.

Bold Verso

The Bold Verso is a chronograph watch. It offers tons of functionality and has the benefit of being Swiss-made. The watch case and bracelet are made of gunmetal. This is a beautiful watch. However, it has a 44mm case size which can be bulky depending on your wrist size. Additionally, chronograph watches have a ton of functionality. More functionality often means increased maintenance. 

Connect 2.0

Smartwatches are becoming more and more popular, and Connect 2.0 is no exception. The watch is perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle and want to stay connected with friends. Despite its small size, the watch comes with a decently sized touchscreen.

The Connect 2.0 pairs directly with your phone. This means your phone calls, emails, and messages are accessible. The leather band on this watch adds a touch of style. For this reason, it stands out amongst other fitness and activity watches.

Sapphire stainless steel

The Sapphire stainless steel watch will catch anyone’s attention with its mirrored finish. The watch is powered by a Swiss quartz movement and protected by a sapphire crystal. Typical of Movado, you’ll find the small dot at noon. The watch’s case diameter is 39mm, which is considered average. If necessary, You can adjust the stainless steel bracelet by removing links. This is an excellent option for those who want something simple but unique. 

Ultra Slim

Watches are rarely described as ultra-slim. However, this watch keeps its slim design thanks to the sapphire crystal. This watch has a dial made of mother of pearl, a material known for its luxury. 

The watch is water-resistant to 30 meters. Though it can handle getting wet, it is not suitable for water sports or diving. As a result, it is less versatile than other models we have reviewed. The Swiss quartz movement ensures this watch will be dependable. The thin design makes this watch lightweight and easy to wear every day. 


It has been almost six years since the Luno was released. Stainless steel covers the watch’s dial, which measures 40mm long. The watch is also equipped with a stainless steel bracelet. Unlike other watches, this one only has two hands. The hours are marked to make it easier to read the time.

Many owners compare this watch to the Museum model. It is a simple watch without many extra features. Yet, thanks to its simplicity, you can wear it every day.

FAQ on Movado Watches

Is Movado a good watch?

Our reviews are always objective. We think that Movado is a reliable brand. Their watches are a perfect middle ground option. When you consider overall design and functionality, the high price point of these watches is justified.

How is the quality of a Movado watch?

How is the quality of a Movado watch?

Movado is a reputable brand in the watch industry. Their watches are mostly manufactured in Switzerland. Swiss quartz movements power watches produced in Switzerland. Similarly, these watches use sapphire crystal to protect the glass.

Several years ago, Movado introduced its Bold collection. These watches feature Ronda quartz movements that are sourced from China. The movement is good, but it does not have the same quality as the Swiss quartz movement. In addition, watches in the Bold line use cheaper materials to protect the dial.

Suppose you own one of Movado’s automatic watches. In that case, you can take comfort in the fact that it is of the highest quality and made in Switzerland.

Is Movado a luxury watch?

Is Movado a luxury watch?

No. Movado is an expensive brand, but it isn’t considered a luxury. Movado watches don’t have enough luxury features to compete with Rolex. However, Movado is still an expensive brand worth investing in.

How much is my Movado watch worth?

Prices for new Movado watches range from $395 to $3,295. In a similar way to Rolex, Movado watches do exceptionally well on the secondary market. Thus, prices can vary depending on the model and demand.

Do Movado watches hold their value?

Yes. Movado watches tend to hold their value well. Their thoughtful design and high-quality construction make them attractive to watch enthusiasts. With proper care, they can last for several years. If the model you are considering runs on batteries, you can expect it to last up to three years.

What is the price of a Movado watch?

To purchase a Movado watch today, you can expect to spend between $395 and $3295. This is quite a large range, but the watches differ in functionality and quality. Choosing the right watch will always come down to your preferences and budget.

Why Movado watches are expensive

Watches from Movado range in price. Higher-end watches are made with Swiss quartz movements and better protective materials. Additionally, Movado maintains a favorable reputation, allowing it to assign a higher value to its pieces.

Does Movado make women’s watches?

How is the quality of a Movado watch?

Yes, Movado has watches for women! Movado offers a wide range of choices regarding size, color, and functionality. Its current collection includes over 100 watches for women.

What type of movements does Movado use?

Movado uses at least two different types of movements. Their higher-quality models use Swiss quartz movements. Alternatively, their cheaper models use a Ronda quartz movement sourced from China. These are both reliable options. The type of movement plays a role in determining the watch’s price.

Are there fake Movado watches on the market?

The secondary market is unfortunately full of fake watches. Make sure you look for differences in an appearance before purchasing a watch. For example, be sure the name is spelled correctly and that all face markings are where they should be. You might also want to check the watch’s back cover, which sometimes contains additional information.

Do Movado watches come with a warranty?

Do Movado watches come with a warranty?

Yes. Movado’s website states that all watches come with a two-year limited warranty. This is a nice benefit that helps justify the higher price tag. Be aware, though, that there are exceptions.

Is Movado a luxury brand?

No. Movado is not a luxury brand. Most people think of Rolex when they think of luxury watch brands. Movado pieces are well-made, but they do not compete with Rolex. Still, watch enthusiasts view Movado as a well-respected brand. In fact, their watches do pretty well on the secondary market.

Summary: Are Movado watches good?

In conclusion, Movado’s wide range of watches has helped it build a solid reputation. Our favorite aspect of this brand is its simple style and the unique metallic dot on most of its models. The Movado watch quality can’t be beaten. 

If you decide to purchase one of these watches, you will not be disappointed. Despite the wide range of prices, even Movado’s budget models are high quality. As a result of its forward-thinking designs and modern technology, Movado appeals to a younger generation of watch enthusiasts. It will be interesting to see what other types of watches the company produces in the future. 

If you want to buy a Movado watch but do not want to buy it new, check the secondary market.

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