Is Tissot a Good Watch Brand? Tissot Watches Review

With its roots spanning over 160 years, Tissot has earned its name as one of the most exclusive watch-making companies in the world.

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With its roots spanning over 160 years, Tissot has earned its name as one of the most exclusive watch-making companies in the world. Tissot’s roots trace back to Switzerland. The Tissot quality and reliability are guaranteed, just like all the watches with their origins in Switzerland. Unlike its Swiss counterparts, Tissot produces affordable watches under $1,000 with high quality. Founded by Charles-Felicien Tissot and his son Charles-Emile Tissot in Switzerland around the year 1853, Tissot has succeeded in extending its quality services to hundreds of people worldwide and has also gone forward to be a subsidiary of the Swiss Swatch Group. The founding in LeLocle saw Tissot launch its now-iconic pocket watch, which features dual time zones and single movement features.

Are tissot watches good? 

Tissot’s first appearance was as an official for the famous downhill Ski race in 1983. After the appearance, Tissot proceeded to be a timekeeper for other international championships like racing, fencing, and cycling. For this reason, Tissot has been notable in downhill skiing activities. Tissot has, with time, earned the reputation of producing some of the best eye-catching watches and appealing dress watches. The largest watch producer globally, the Swatch Group, acquired Tissot in 1983 and worked closely with brands such as Hamilton and Omega. Tissot’s timepieces have adorned the wrist of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Grace Kelly and continue to stand out. Other than producing watches, Tissot has also succeeded in acquiring a well-known title for accurate timekeeping in event practices such as fitting bikes with censors and track. These are interlinked with computers to display real-time performance data. 

The 5 Best Tissot Watches to Consider in 2022

This 42m stainless steel chronograph watch has appealing features, including stainless steel pushers, sapphire crystal, traditional indices, and 30m water resistance.

Does Tissot Make Good Watches?

If you search for the best quality and affordable watches, Tissot is the brand to turn to. The Swatch Group has led Tissot to be one of the brands with high-quality watches around the globe together with effective manufacturing. Tissot beats all the Switch brand watches with its quality and affordability. The brands that work under the Swatch Group, such as Tissot, have the advantage of operating under low manufacturing costs while upholding the excellent quality of commodities preferred by customers. Get yourself a Tissot watch to check whether it is of good quality or not. Some of the features of Tissot watches include:

  • Thick straps made from good-quality leather are used to make the watch handles to ensure your security and comfortability. The quality straps also make the watch adjust better.
  • The glass used in Tissot watches is made of Sapphire Crystal. Sapphire Crystal is one of the best glasses for wristwatches because of its scratch-resistant feature. They are only found on expensive watches. For more security, the sapphire crystals are located at the back and front of the watches that see it through survival even after a few unintentional knocks.
  • Expensive, high-end, and Tissot watches have the same movement but with highly different prices. To put things more straightforward, Tissot watches come at affordable prices. The quality is in the same range as expensive watches such as Omega.

Do All Tissot Watches Originate From Switzerland?

All the Tissot watches are made in Switzerland. However, to be able to qualify among the Swiss Made Watches, the requirements include:

  • The movement from which the watch originates must be a Swiss movement, with 60% of the watch’s value coming from Switzerland.
  • The manufacturer must do the assembling process and final inspection of the watch in Switzerland.

 The number of watches produced by Tossit is massive, which is why it has been able to stay on top of the game and compete with some of the world’s best brands. The components of Tissot watches are sourced from other places to reduce the manufacturing costs as much as possible and sell affordable watches. Tissot watches have a Swiss Made label that recognizes them as Swiss Made watches with good quality. The brand also symbolizes Tissot’s reliability shown by the Swatch Group, since 1853. To ensure you get the original taste of Tissot watches, always check for the label every time you purchase. The cross-checking regards recent claims that Tissot watches have no Swiss Made label.

Is tissot a luxury brand?

Luxury watch

Instead of Tissot being considered a luxury brand watch, it is regarded as a middle-level brand watch. According to the Swatch Group Portfolio, Tissot is in the middle-level watches after the high-end luxury watches such as Flik Flak and Swatch. Different people have different definitions of luxury, with some going for the top-quality expensive watches. In contrast, others opt for middle-level brand watches because that is quality enough for them.
Suppose you decide to settle for a Tissot watch. In that case, it is advisable not to vet whether it is a luxury brand watch but go straight to its admirable qualities and affordable price policy. For better clarification of whether Tissot is a luxury brand watch or not, the Swatch Group Portfolio gives a clear clarification and explanation.

Tissot vs. Seiko: Is Tissot better than Seiko?

Comparing brands such as Tissot and Seiko usually is not a good idea because of how vast these brands are. They produce good quality products and try to stay on top of the competition as much as possible. Personally, when choosing between Seiko and Tissot, I would vet each carefully because none of these two brands produce poor watches. When looking for affordable watches that are durable and reliable, Seiko picks the highest score. Such top brands’ vast technology and models make it difficult to choose and stick to a brand. Competition levels are high, with both brands trying hard to stay on top of either.

The cutting-edge technology such as sapphire crystals and movements similar to those found in expensive high-end watches make Tissot watches stand out and offer many. The watches made by Seiko appreciate with time and are reliable. The limited-edition watches by Seiko attract attention all around the globe, with the resale value of the limited edition watches being twice as much. In this realm and era of wrist-action accessories, what matters most when settling on a watch is the style you desire to have and the strain such a watch will cause on your budget. Also, quality is an essential factor to consider ensuring you have value for your money. The two brands, Tissot and Seiko, have such a close competition, making both of them good choices for anyone looking for long-serving wristwatches.

What is the Lifespan of Tissot Watches?

Unlike a majority of the watches in the industry that only last up to 36 hours when winded, Tissot watches last up to 8o hours when they are fully winded. The automatic feature is Tissot’s latest and most updated Automatic caliber. The feature has seen most people shift their attention towards Tissot watches because they perform their intended purpose. 

The development was done in collaboration with ETA. It was developed by Tissot’s R&D. The 80-hour development by Tissot is possible because of:

  • The movement’s material is purely made of ARCAP, a unique combination of elements with anti-magnetic properties.
  • The new spring barrel feature is designed to provide an additional boost to the power reserve. It also ensures it continues working in good condition at all times.
  • The regulator system of the watch is improved by the micro-second precise feature of the new movement, which is power saving on the watch’s energy.

LeLocle is one of Tissot’s Powermatic 80 watches and displays exquisite elegance and breathtaking details like the roman numerals, the LeLocle signature, and the watch’s fine finishing quality. The best part of the deal is the affordability of the watch and its ease of use. 

Does Tissot Make their Movement?

EYA movements are responsible for coming up with details on Tissot watches. Tissot depends on other movements for management. The trend is common for other brands found within the Swatch Group. However, other brands within the Swatch Group like Omega and Blancpain develop their brand. The massive Swiss Conglomerate, Swatch Group, makes it possible for the brands to share their research activities and development. To keep the cost of production and manufacturing low, brands such as Tissot have to work under the ETA movement and other supportive movements and stick on the competitive lane with other brands. The only negative downside is when the movements encounter flaws during the early stages and fail to support a brand the way it is supposed to.

Therefore, it is crucial to do a background check on the movement you opt to work with to avoid inconveniences that may occur in the future. When settling on a wristwatch, look for the quality and long-term effects. A watch that gets damaged after a short period of purchasing has no use to the owner. While at it, consider the price you get your watch and ensure it is as realistic as possible.

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