About Cadence’s Equality watch

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Most brands are afraid of alienating a portion of their customers by expressing strong opinions. Cadence Watch Company was an exception. It was several years ago that the company introduced the Equality watch as a way of showing its support for human rights. This watch is unique as each hour is represented by a raised metal equal sign. In addition to its powerful meaning, the watch is stylish and can easily be worn on a daily basis.


The Equality watch is both symbolic and stylish. The watch face was made in blue and black, and the strap was black saddle stitch leather. Like most Cadence watches, the Equality is both water and shock-resistant. The watch is powered by a quartz movement.



  • Sleek design
  • Two face color options
  • Powerful meaning


  • Leather band
  • No numbers on face
  • Quartz movement

The Equality watch makes a great addition to any watch collector’s collection, particularly those who are passionate about equality and human rights. With its stylish design and functional features, this watch is an excellent conversation starter.

Where to find similar watches?

Today, it is hard to find an exact replica of the Equality watch; however, Zazzle offers a variety of watches that support equality. Both the Gay Pride Rainbow Flag Colors wristwatch and the Rainbow Peace Sign watch are excellent options for showing your support.

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