Seiko SNA411 review

With its attractive looks and suitable design for water sports enthusiasts, the Seiko SNA411 is sure to stand out. The thoughtful design and functionality of this watch make it a great choice for daily wear and a favorite among watch collectors. This is a great entry-level chronograph watch for those who are new to them.… Continue reading Seiko SNA411 review

The One Casual Watch Review

Features Conclusion The One Casual Watch is a high-quality watch that displays time in binary. The watch has an LED display that indicates the hours and minutes. To read the time, you push a button, which will show the time for five seconds. The band is made from high-quality materials and is water-resistant up to… Continue reading The One Casual Watch Review

Tau Watch

Is π wrong? If you know about Tau (τ), you don’t need us to explain it to you. A circle is one Tau (C=τr), and so is a clock face… If you know about Tau, you need this watch. Why is it that nearly every time π appears in a formula it is preceded by… Continue reading Tau Watch

Binary Time Wall Clock

This Binary Wall Clock is the perfect gift, whether you are browsing for yourself or looking for a loved one. When displayed in your home, this unique piece will make a great conversation starter. The binary format is most commonly used by computers for displaying time, but its design makes it a good fit for… Continue reading Binary Time Wall Clock

Binary Watches

Binary LED Watches The LED light dots do not look like a watch or clock at all. It uses the binary format to give you the time. The binary format uses ones and zeros to display information. This sophisticated data will make you seem brainy to those around you. The dots of the watch each… Continue reading Binary Watches

Cadence Chrono 4-bit

Known for its collection of binary watches, Cadence has something for everyone. Technology nerds are drawn to Cadence’s 4-bit Chronograph watch because it uses 4-bit binary code instead of numbers. Together, the design of the face and the black genuine leather band make the watch a unique and sophisticated addition to any collection. The 4-bit… Continue reading Cadence Chrono 4-bit

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Introducing the 4:20 watch

This watch combines two cadence watches designs — the 4:20 watch that tells you the most important time of day, and the Ecomatic self-winding movement. Availability: Discontinued Material: Stainless steelSize:  40 mm diameter, 9 mm thick.Movement:  Miyota (Japan)Water Resistant: 5ATMStrap: Green cotton Technical Specifications Case made from jewelry grade (316L) stainless steel. Two part cotton strap… Continue reading Introducing the 4:20 watch

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Reddit Watch by Cadence

Yes, reddit has been kind to Cadence Watch, generating great interest for their 4:20, binary, and Radian watch lines, so they’ve created this reddit alien watch with design input from redditors and a special license from reddit, Inc. Availability: Discontinued The reddit timescale watch is as interesting and unique as reddit itself, but with less… Continue reading Reddit Watch by Cadence

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