Seiko SNA411 review

With its attractive looks and suitable design for water sports enthusiasts, the Seiko SNA411 is sure to stand out.

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With its attractive looks and suitable design for water sports enthusiasts, the Seiko SNA411 is sure to stand out. The thoughtful design and functionality of this watch make it a great choice for daily wear and a favorite among watch collectors. This is a great entry-level chronograph watch for those who are new to them.

Chronograph watches tend to be bulky. Compared to other popular watches, this one is a little more compact. The watch fits well on small wrists, but keep in mind that its small size also makes it more difficult to read the details on the watch face. Like most Seiko watches, the watch hands on the SNA411 have LumiBrite to help ensure the watch is readable in dark environments.

Key features of Seiko SNA411

This watch has many key features that make it popular among watch lovers.

  • Its round design contains multiple sub-dials that allow you to quickly change settings.
  • The bracelet is made of stainless steel, which includes a push-button fold-over clasp with safety.
  • The watch is water resistant up to 660 feet which makes it suitable for most water sports except scuba diving.


  • Interesting design
  • Crown and all buttons are screw-down
  • Domed glass provides depth
  • Water resistant


  • Busy face can be difficult to read
  • Irregular lug size
  • Poor bracelet design

What powers the Seiko SNA411?

SNA411 utilizes quartz for its power. As a result, you will need to replace the battery every few years. On average, the battery should last about three years.

How to set an alarm on the Seiko SNA411?

You can set the 12-hour alarm by turning the crowns and pushing them. When the alarm goes off, it will sound for 20 seconds. The alarm will stop when the crown is pushed back into the side of the watch.


The SNA411 is a versatile and beautifully crafted chronograph watch. It features a number of excellent features at an affordable price. Compared to other watches in its class, the Seiko SNA411 outperforms more expensive options in many ways. Although the lugs and bracelets on this watch are a bit obscure, most owners are pleased with their purchase. It is possible to replace the bracelet with a higher-quality or more visually appealing one. A sportier band may be preferred by those with an active lifestyle.